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In a constantly changing market where the competitive value of companies is measured more and more in the ability to grasp the most advanced technological challenges, the companies that want to stand out on the market must inevitably transform "a need for adaptation" in a concrete "opportunities growth and success".


In scenarios highly dynamic and competitive, GANGALE DESIGN AND ENGINEERING proposes itself as qualified partner for companies and individuals anticipating their needs and ensuring, through the joint offer of cutting-edge technology and highly skilled professionals, a high quality service.


Professionalism means qualified personnel strictly relevant to the tasks occupied. It also means responsibility, fairness by providing a transparent relationship with the customer and reliability commitments.


With great flexibility GANGALE DESIGN AND ENGINEERING is able to perform a thorough and meticulous planning, preparing the necessary and adequate resources to satisfy the needs of the project and to keep planning deadlines.


As a fundamental point, GANGALE DESIGN AND ENGINEERING places within its structure, the confidentiality of sensitive customer data. This puts us in a position to sign, in case there is required, specific agreements that address the issue of confidentiality and secrecy, sure to meet the requirements.


Training is a very important point and it is divided into two types:

  • Periodic courses on instruments that are used daily, deepening certain topics and innovations introduced with the release of new versions of the software;
  • Continuous monitoring of the news pertaining to the areas covered by organizing specific courses Partners with training.


To carry out our assigned tasks with satisfaction, it is necessary to establish a continuous monitoring on the evolution of production technologies and components, in order to provide the best solution.